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My Thai Chicken Salad, An Uncontested Winner

September 4, 2015, by

Try this Thai chicken Salad for a one-dish summer dinner. The secret to this dish is the dressing. It’s made by adding Thai peanut sauce to your favorite vinaigrette or oil and vinegar dressing. The rich peanut sauce adds authentic spices and blends all the delicate ingredients together. Chicken, shredded Chinese cabbage and summer fruit

Cracked Cake

September 4, 2015, by

Faye Levy, OUcooking.org Columnist – Food by Faye says: It depends what kind of cake you are baking. Different factors cause cracks in different kinds of cakes. * When I developed HONEY CAKE recipes, I have found they sink and crack if I made the batter too rich in oil or honey for the amount

Pareve Hamburger Buns

September 4, 2015, by

Brian Mailman, OUcooking.org Columnist – Slow Food in the Fast Lane says: Any bread recipe can be formed into a hamburger bun shape and with that in mind the entire lexicon opens up. I would suggest a challah, ‘cuz of the cake-like texture that I think you’re wanting. Onion rolls or Kaiser rolls are also

Dressed for Dinner: Vinaigrettes

September 4, 2015, by

There is one recipe that is so simple, so quick and so easy that anyone can make it, even someone with no experience in the kitchen. This recipe is also one of the most versatile and useful. It is made with ingredients you’re likely to have in your kitchen and it is relatively inexpensive. I

It’s Summertime and the Grillin’ is Easy

September 3, 2015, by

As the composer George Gershwin once wrote, it’s summertime and the livin’ is easy. Or it should be, especially where making dinner is concerned. Now is the time to take advantage of foods that cook quickly and are easy to prepare. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts, for example. These light, low fat white meat fillets can

Zen and the Art of Canning

September 3, 2015, by

As a kid, I remember indulging in delicious foods like homemade pickles, apricot and strawberry jam, and probably my most favorite, and most coveted amongst my family, cherry liqueur (I wasn’t allowed to have the alcoholic stuff until I was much older, so a non-alcoholic and cloyingly sweet syrup of cherries was my favorite digestif

Fresh Tuna, Refreshing Dinner

September 3, 2015, by

Seared Fresh Tuna Salad Looking for a cool salad for a hot summer evening? Seared Fresh Tuna Salad is not your ordinary tuna salad. The wonderful flavor and texture of just-cooked fresh tuna gives a new meaning to tuna salad made from canned tuna. Add lettuce, sugar snap peas, corn and grape tomatoes for a

Getting In Tune with Tomatoes

September 3, 2015, by

It’s been said that “a world without tomatoes is like a string quartet without violins.” So true. Just as a violin (or fiddle, if you will) is essential in classical, klezmer or country music, the tomato is integral to many a home cook’s repertoire. They add color to our salads, are the basis for many

In Search of the Perfect Potatonik

September 3, 2015, by

A question came in to the KITCHENer Rebbe, after reading the column Seeker of Lost Recipes, Restorer of Dreams asking about ‘potatonik’. I was inspired. I myself had never heard of Potatonik until I moved to Toronto where I found out it is another name for potato kugel (or kigel, depending where your ancestors came

Pasta Salad and the Ghetto

September 2, 2015, by

(with a brief shout-out to the humble anchovy) For anyone who knows New York’s Lower East side, a visit to Venice’s Ghetto is an oddly familiar experience. At least that’s the way it felt to me when I first crossed the Guglie bridge, the neighborhood’s main entry point, some twenty years ago. I was living