Praying in the face of coronavirus— via conference call

On the Fast of Esther, thousands of Orthodox Jews joined in communal prayer — in arranged simultaneous times to pray, or by conference calls. At 9:30am EST, several Haredi organizations called for a worldwide Psalm recitation, in response to Agudath Israel’s call to prayer; at 12:30pm EST, the Orthodox Union organized a conference call for constituents to join in prayer, from afar.

It was a modern answer to an age-old problem: A disease outbreak.

“We join together in tefillah on the fast of Esther,” said Rabbi Moshe Hauer, incoming CEO of the Orthodox Union. “We hope and pray that through our prayers – this difficulty will pass.”

Hauer led the recitation of Psalms 20, 121 and 130 out of the Yeshiva University Los Angeles High School.

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