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We're Almost There

rabbiCohenBookRabbi Dovid M. Cohen is a contemporary rabbi with a pragmatic approach to help people find their way through the trials and joys of everyday life. His new book “We’re Almost There” has received rave reviews from orthodox and secular critics alike. His talks and speeches bring a faith-based perspective to today’s real world problems—globally and on an individual basis. He is also a masterful advisor and counselor for individuals and couples who want to tap into his wisdom, insight and experience.

#4 – We’re Almost There: Living with Patience, Perseverence & Purpose

October 6, 2016, by

Rabbi Cohen speaks about ‘relationships’ and the key people in our lives. He shares the chapter in his book about his encounter with an Israeli taxi driver who helped him ultimately meet his spouse. He interviews Matthew Hiltzik, the CEO of Hiltzik Strategies and a leading communications guru. They discuss the value of building meaningful

#3 – We’re Almost There: Living with Patience, Perseverance & Purpose

July 6, 2016, by

Reflections and insights on the transformational life of Elie Wiesel z’l. In particular, he discusses “having issues with faith & with G-d” and battling and struggling with G-d himself. In the second segment, Rabbi Cohen has a riveting discussion with author Felice Cohen discussing her book “What Papa Told Me,” and how the suicide of

We’re Almost There: Living with Patience, Perseverence & Purpose

May 26, 2016, by

​Rabbi Cohen introduces the key characters in his new book that have helped inspire him and enable personal development & growth. In the 2nd half of the show, he interviews Greg Zuckerman and they discuss how professional athletes have persevered to become great stars. Stay tuned for new episodes and interviews on how to be