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Mission Impossible

December 7, 2011, by

Taking a 6,000 mile trip to the epicenter of Jewish life yields miraculous results for 11 single women.

The Power of Persistence

August 10, 2011, by

VaEtchanan begins with the plea of Moshe Rabbeinu to enter the Holy Land of Israel. Chazal tell us that the numerical value of VaEtchanan is 515 and suggest that this is the number of requests that Moshe made of Hashem to allow him to fulfill his life’s dream of entering the Promised Land. Additionally, the

Game Over

July 26, 2011, by

He said he would call. Yet, two days have passed since you clicked with this exciting stranger and gave him your number at your friend’s birthday party. Hadn’t you hit it off? Hadn’t he seemed sincere? But maybe he’s not interested. Could that be it? You don’t want that to be it. Maybe you’ll text