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In Living Color

October 18, 2006, by

A photographic cataloging We are surrounded by brilliant flashes of color and the subtle softness of its many shades. Harry Chapin sang, “There are so many colors in the rainbow, So many colors in the morning sun, So many colors in the flower and I see every one.” As the world around us changes color,

Helping to Heal the Children

Note to Editors: Hezbollah’s missiles and rockets have stopped falling on Israel’s north, but the trauma lives on, particularly among the children. Responding to this trauma, the Orthodox Union, in cooperation with the United Jewish Communities, has embarked on an ambitious new program to bring healing and comfort to those who spent the summer in

My Graduation Photo Album

July 6, 2006, by

Mazal Tov to all the Graduates of 2006! May each of you go M’Chayil El Chayil – from Strength to Strength. We’d love to see your photos in Shabbat Shalom! Upcoming slideshows include: Color, Shapes, Summer Fun, My Summer Vacation, Back to School, My Kids, My Grandchildren, Firsts, “Are you kidding me?” and Street Signs

YLC: The End of the Me Generation?

July 15, 2005, by

The Me Generation seems to be living up to its name. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal described the struggle nonprofit organizations are facing in their attempt to lure a new generation of lay leaders. These organizations can’t understand why so many bright young professionals are not interested in getting involved in altruistic

Part Psychologist, Part Activist – All Heart

July 8, 2005, by

One could call Dr. Jeffrey Lichtman, National Director of the OU’s Yachad/National Jewish Council for Disabilities, a visionary; a man with a clear eye on the future. But as soon as he sees what could be, he gets right to the task and transforms his vision into reality – and the future quickly becomes a

Our Way Helps Jewish Deaf Singles Find Their Perfect Match

June 10, 2005, by

A runaway bestseller back in the seventies opened with these wise words, “Life is hard.” I think we can give the Jewish singles’ update on that observation. Shidduchim is harder. The grueling dating process, the humiliating questions, the endless loneliness. It makes climbing Mt. Everest sound like a pleasant jaunt. Now imagine conducting life’s most

What Brandeis Students Have to Say About OU’s Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus

May 25, 2005, by

An overwhelming majority of Orthodox college students attend secular universities around the country, yet the campus environment can pose serious challenges to these young men and women’s observance and commitment. To address this pressing dilemma, the OU teamed up with Hillel and Torah Mitzion and launched the Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus, JLIC. Currently operating

The OU Provides Orthodox Jews a Haven on Campus

May 6, 2005, by

There’s something unusual going on at the Brooklyn College campus lately. Each day, a young rabbi sporting a beard and ready smile walks across the campus eliciting a flurry of enthusiastic waves, nods, and requests to meet him later. It wasn’t always like this. Every year, tens of thousands of young men and women move