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Korach: Money

June 10, 2010, by

For many details of the halakha, there is a special status for money. Basically, Jewish law distinguishes three categories of value: goods, which have inherent value; a note, which is a promise of value from a particular individual; and money, which is abstract value. To give an example of some distinctions: a lawsuit for goods

Second Thoughts: Financial Concerns

April 20, 2009, by

Who am I, with my minuscule (and usually depleted) bank account, to speak about the great financial concerns of the world? What wisdom can I scrounge up which can help fill the empty coffers, or soothe the taut nerves of the world’s bankers, investors, depositors and filing clerks? In short, what can I, with my

Vayishlach: Stealing

December 7, 2006, by

What kind of person would value his possessions even more than his own self? We might think that this description would fit a very coarse, materialistic person. Yet our Sages tell us that it is precisely the righteous who have this trait! “‘And Yaakov remained by himself’ (Bereshit 32:25) – Rebbe Elazar said, he remained