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Tisha b’Av: When It’s Wrong to be Right

July 16, 2018, by

For as long as I can remember, “winning,” has been a goal of mine. Board games. Athletics. Test scores. My enjoyment of these topics usually depended on if I was winning or not. In professional life too, I find myself looking at things through the lens of winning. Did we reach our campaign goals? Did

When Nothing Feels Missing: How Do We Make Tisha B’Av Personal?

July 16, 2018, by

Yom Kippur is my favorite day of the year (I know, I’m weird). The intensity, the single-minded focus that spending the day davening in shul allows, the steps of teshuva and self improvement which are spelled out already from Elul; all contribute to allowing me to leave the day feeling cleansed and spiritual. I literally

Letting Go

July 16, 2018, by

A Holocaust survivor chooses to let go, with regards to his best friend’s act of betrayal during the War. Watch this inspiring story from Rabbi Yoel Gold’s “Inspire Clips”.

Mashiach’s Hat

July 16, 2018, by

(Originally published as “Ode to Purim”) “yeshno am echod m’Foozar umi’forud” To all of “us”, from one of “them”. ————————————— T’was the night of the geulah, and in every single shteibel, sounds of Torah could be heard, coming from every kind of Yeidel. This one in English, some in Hebrew, some in Yiddish, some saying

Delicious Lasagna Recipes for Shavuot!

May 9, 2018, by

Shavuot is one of those culinary centric holidays where everyone is trying to outdo everyone else with crazy over the top dairy recipes and anyone who is lactose intolerant gives a heavy sigh and reaches for Lactaid. I find that a pasta or fish entrée is usually the best way to whet the appetite for

Pesach is Creating Memories I Never Had

March 27, 2018, by

Pesach is one of the few Jewish holidays that baalei teshuva (BTs) and frum from births (FFBs) can both reminisce about. Sure, a BT’s memories may be more about Manischewitz wine, background TV in the other room, and driving home after seder, while a FFB’s memories are more about matzah measuring charts, ziploc bags of

Bringing Tam to Our Table

March 27, 2018, by

I met a man a few years ago who had once been a well known student of a famed Torah scholar. I was shocked when I discovered that although he could quote much of the Torah he had once learned, he was no longer entirely observant. While the intellectual rigor of Torah still excited his

Power Saws and Pesach Preparations

March 23, 2018, by

With Pesach (Passover) just around the corner, there is much that needs to be done to prepare for the yom tov (holiday). Today (Thursday, 3/22/18) was a beautiful sunny day, and as I used a power saw to cut up two wooden shipping pallets, I smiled to myself as I considered the Jewish significance of

Give Proportionally to What You Spend on Your Pesach

March 6, 2018, by

Help those in need by giving to the OU’s Maot Chitim 5778 campaign – donate now   Since the very creation of the luxury Pesach program, rabbis have been railing against them for their excessiveness, extravagance, and the forfeiting of many of the traditions involved in preparing and experiencing Pesach. Ironically, many of those same

Superheroes Deliver Purim Treats at Tel Aviv Children’s Hospital

February 28, 2018, by

Purim is here, and nobody’s getting left behind. The residents of Ichilov Hospital’s children’s ward (in Tel Aviv) were surprised when volunteers dressed as Superman, Batman and Spiderman began scaling the walls of the building using cables attached to the roof, in an effort to reach its inhabitants, on a mission to deliver them mishloach manot,