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Headaches and Head Coverings

Headaches and Head Coverings Part III

September 9, 2015, by

When I published “Headaches and Head Coverings” on Torahmusings.com, I did so with the thought that this was a modest but substantial area of our community’s life that could benefit from more, and more nuanced, discussion in the open air. From the sheer volume of attention the article received, I take this thesis as corroborated,

Headaches and Head Coverings Part II

August 25, 2015, by

Headaches and Head Coverings received an inordinate amount of attention when we posted it last week. On Torah Musing, the blog where the story was originally posted, the following fascinating exchange took place between  Dr. Tovia Berk, a Headache Medicine Fellow, and the post’s original author, Rabbi Alex Ozar. My name is Tovia Berk – I

Headaches and Head Coverings

August 19, 2015, by

Religion is hard, and it’s supposed to be: Love of God should, by nature, be the sort of thing that claims all your heart, all your soul, all your worth.1 Halakhic Judaism complements this truth with an equal and opposite force: God loves us, and so wills that we live,2 maintain our dignity,3 preserve our wealth,4 nurture