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Need a crash course on teenage girls? A sense of parental camaraderie? A good laugh? Enter OU Life’s Parenting section; it’ll get you out of trouble and back in the parenting game.

Responding to Anger in Children

March 3, 2006, by

Gerard Klein, Ph.D discusses how to deal with children’s anger and how to recognize the triggers that cause temper tantrums. Recorded at the Positive Jewish Parent Conference January 9, 2005.

Sibling Rivalry

March 3, 2006, by

Norman Blumenthal, Ph.D speaks about sibling rivalry and the importance of sibling relationships in shaping who we are. Recorded at the Positive Jewish Parent Conference January 9, 2005.

The Reading Lesson

March 2, 2006, by

My father always used to say to us that the story of George Washington and the cherry tree is not a good one for Jewish children to hear. He cut down a cherry tree and then he said ‘Father, I cannot tell a lie. It was I.’ The result was that his father was so

Hachnasat Orchim – A Delicate Balance

January 4, 2006, by

Reb Yosef was an Iranian man, no longer young, who used to stop by our house from time to time. My husband had met him at a wedding, where he was collecting money to buy insulin for his sick mother in Iran. He felt an affinity for us because our last name, Ben Shushan, indicates

The Disappearing Family Dinner

December 14, 2005, by

When I was growing up, my father used to walk in the door punctually at six o’clock, and not too long afterward, the whole family would sit down to a more or less civilized supper. My mother planned meals consisting of a protein, a vegetable and a starch; there was tea and dessert afterward. Everyone

Setting Limits for Children

December 8, 2005, by

Marlene Greenspan, MA, LPC, discusses establishing boundaries and setting limits; getting children to respond and listen the way we want them to. Originally given at Congregation Ohab Zedek in NYC, Allen Schwartz, Rabbi, Reuben Taub, President, on Sunday December 4, 2005. MARLENE GREENSPAN, a Licensed Professional Counselor, has been Coordinator of Guidance for almost 20

To Be in the World

October 27, 2005, by

Our five-year-old doesn’t like stories from books anymore. “Read me a story from your mind,” Yehuda instructs us these days, but many times there didn’t seem to be anything going on in our minds to tell him. One evening, after I gave him his old, worn, beloved blanket and said the Shema, I drew the

An Addict in Our Home

August 18, 2005, by

From the pages of Jewish Action My 22-year-old son David is tall, handsome, bright and charming. He is also an alcoholic and a drug addict. David was brought up in our Orthodox Jewish home in Queens, where he was active in Jewish causes. He discovered an interest in drinking, as my wife and I learned

Diary of a Professional Mother

August 10, 2005, by

From the pages of Jewish Action “Hashem made the trees, right?” asked my wide-eyed, not-yet three- year-old. “Yes,” I said. “And the sky and all of the animals?” “Yes, everything.” “Mommy, did Hashem make Mommy and Abba?” he persisted. “Yes, He did.” “So Mommy, who made Hashem?” A few months later, while walking on the