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Purim Party Kebabs

March 2, 2009, by

Purim Party Kabobs for 4 or 40: Walnut Crusted Tuna Kabobs with Onion and Pepper Rice Are you having a Purim Party or just looking for an easy weeknight dinner? These recipes fit both. Whether cooking for 4 or 40, these kebabs will please all age groups. Prepare them in advance and then cook them

Purim: Large Foods for Large Crowds

March 1, 2009, by

Hello, Have taken upon myself to make a Purim Seuda for 40 people BE”H. Never done that before. Any suggestions for a great seuda – things that taste great, look fantastic & take the minimum amount of time to prepare? I’d appreciate your reply. Shabbat Shalom, Rivka, a Shabbat Shalom reader What could I say,

This Purim, Flip Your Lid

February 26, 2009, by

Purim this year is Tuesday, March 10 (or March 11 in Jerusalem). I have a great idea for your costume. It’s really easy, it’s very inexpensive, it takes under three seconds to prepare and it will go incredible, incredible lengths to promote Jewish unity. So what’s the idea? Flip your lids. Swap your tops. This

Purim: The Poppy Seed Connection

February 25, 2009, by

During my years at elementary school at the Hebrew Academy of Washington, DC, I learned that the holiday of Purim commemorates the heroism of Esther, the Jewish wife of the king of Persia. She courageously saved the Jewish community from extermination plotted by the king’s wicked advisor Haman, who makes Jaffar in Disney’s movie “Aladdin”

Purim: Fresh Ideas for Mishloach Manot

February 25, 2009, by

Say the word Purim and most of us think “hamantashen.” Nothing wrong with that, both metaphorically and gastronomically. The idea of eating Haman’s hat is a delicious one: not only for the symbolic destruction of an ancient enemy who sought to destroy the Jews, but the pleasure of the soft, three cornered cookie stuffed with

Secrets For a Simply Delicious Purim Seuda

February 19, 2009, by

Preparing for a Purim Seuda is always a challenge, especially when you’re preparing for a large crowd. So many people, so little time! I received the following request a few days ago from one of our readers: “I have taken it upon myself to make a Purim Seuda for 40 people BE”H. I’ve never done

Tzav: Dressing Up on Purim

March 20, 2008, by

Please note that in past years, Rabbi Meir’s pre-Purim column consisted of “Purim Torah”, light-hearted spoof in the Purim spirit. The following column, although on a Purim topic, is totally serious. One of the most prominent customs practiced today on Purim is to dress up in costumes, and this custom is mentioned already in the

Purim: Hide & Seek

March 19, 2008, by

Much about Purim is shrouded in mystery. Consider that: The very phrase Megillat Esther has been taken to mean the revelation of the hidden. The Talmud describes the source of Esther in the Torah as being “And I will hide my face from you” (Chullin 139) Hashem’s name is not explicit in the Megillah (one of the

Tapping the Power of Purim

March 19, 2008, by

Purim is a perennial favorite. It’s clearly one of the most fun holidays on the Jewish calendar. We get dressed up in ridiculous costumes, dance in the synagogue for hours, eat Hamentashen, and maybe even have an extra L’chaim or two…or three. But what exactly should one try to take out of this holiday? How

Vayikra: Two Days of Purim

March 13, 2008, by

The Megillah tells us that both the 14th and the 15th days of Adar are days of “feasting and joy, and sending portions” (Esther 9:22). But it doesn’t state explicitly why and how the holiday is spread over the two days. Thus, the Beit Yosef asks, “Why did they divide this mitzva into distinct days,