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Understanding Judaism: A Six Part Series

April 27, 2011, by

Sponsored by the Orthodox Union, this unique collection of six lectures forms a complete foundation for the introduction to Judaism together with the workbook by Rabbi Eliezer Gevirtz. Rabbi Benjamin Blech’s comprehensive view of Judaism will be available to all, from beginner to advanced student, for individual and classroom or group viewing. To discover other

From the Desk of OU’s Executive Vice President

March 23, 2011, by

One of the major themes of this year’s Orthodox Union (OU) convention was the primacy of mesorah. Learning from some of the leading scholars and thinkers of our generation about our unique heritage, which has held us together as a people over the centuries, was enlightening and inspiring. While there are many ways our mesorah

Day School Tuition Crisis: A Creative Opportunity for Solutions

February 9, 2011, by

With Governor Christie having recently approved charters for two online schools in NJ, the path may now be open for a creative opportunity to solve – or at least ameliorate – the tuition crisis. At the outset, it’s understood that this solution is not necessarily for all individuals or for all schools; each participant and

Inclusiveness – Each One is One of a Kind

February 9, 2011, by

I was very embarrassed by her sharp rebuke. But looking back, I realize that the lesson I learned from her brief criticism was more valuable than most of my other training experiences. It happened about forty years ago. I had the good fortune to attend an intensive workshop which was designed to teach young mental

Turning Kids On to Judaism

December 27, 2010, by

This article has been reprinted with permission and first appeared 12/27/10 on Emes Ve-Emunah. I have just returned from another amazing and inspirational weekend at the annual conclave of NCSY of the Midwest. It never fails to inspire me. And once again I was duly inspired. The Havdalah ceremony – that has become a cliché

Ki Teitzei: Education of Children

August 27, 2009, by

Our parsha contains the laws of the “ben sorer”, the rebellious son. The sad fate of this youngster draws our attention to the commandment of educating children. In particular, the Mishna learns from the verse “He doesn’t listen to our voice” (Devarim 21:20) that there has to be a degree of agreement and correlation between