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Sums: A Whole Community

July 9, 2009, by

Avraham Ballen is a bright 14-year old boy from Monsey with long side curls who loves Torah study, music and sports. He often helps his older brother, Yosef Binyamin, daven (pray). It isn’t that Yosef Binyamin has trouble with the words: on the contrary, it’s that he loves davening so much he will daven the

Shopping For Home

June 23, 2009, by

I’m a city girl. I live on one of the lower floors of a twenty one story high-rise. My urban home is graced with great landscaping, pleasant playgrounds and even some cheerfully noisy birds that sing outside my window in the early morning. But, hey, this is still Lower Manhattan and for all I know

“Go for yourself from your land…to the land I will show you…”

November 1, 2006, by

Nefesh B’nefesh – “Life In Israel” Aliyah has come a long, long way since Avraham was commanded, “Go to the Land…”. There may have been less bureaucratic offices to deal with back then, but the challenge was still great. Without flinching, Avraham rose to that challenge in a manner that still inspires every Jewish soul

What Brandeis Students Have to Say About OU’s Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus

May 25, 2005, by

An overwhelming majority of Orthodox college students attend secular universities around the country, yet the campus environment can pose serious challenges to these young men and women’s observance and commitment. To address this pressing dilemma, the OU teamed up with Hillel and Torah Mitzion and launched the Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus, JLIC. Currently operating