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Gaza Strike

A Jew Among Jews

November 21, 2012, by

Motzei Shavbos we returned to Yerushalayim. Do we stay in or go out when our boys are being called up to the front? We didn’t want Hamas to be able to say that they had affected a change in behavior so we go out.

I’m in America in college, My friends are in the IDF

November 20, 2012, by

This past summer, I decided it was time to go on my birthright to Israel. That decision changed my life. With 40 other students from New York, I traveled to the tiny state that was imbedded with so much culture and history. Soon enough these 40 strangers became my new family, my misphacha. Around the

Beer Sheva 11 20, 2012

November 20, 2012, by

Imagine going to work today. You are rushed and the bus is full. A siren sounds and the bus stops as it is required to do. Passengers get off, and find some building, some cover in the minute or less they have. They hear the sound of the rockets comming in and the anti rockets

Sandy in the East and the Sandy South

November 17, 2012, by

Israel and the United States have had a lot in common recently. While rockets rain down on southern Israel, torrential rain and havoc-wreaking winds have cruelly visited the eastern coast of the United States. As a victim of Hurricane Agnes in June of 1972, wherein the deluged Susquehanna River broke through its dikes and flooded

An Evening of Solidarity & Support of Israel – 7:00PM this Sunday, Nov. 18

November 16, 2012, by

Young Israel of East Brunswick Israel Advocacy Committee and Jewish Federation of Greater Middlesex County Present An Evening of Solidarity & Support of Israel 7:00PM this Sunday, November 18, 2012 YOUNG ISRAEL OF EAST BRUNSWICK 193 Dunhams Corner Road, East Brunswick, NJ Featuring MALCOLM HOENLEIN Executive Vice-Chairman, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations

Not Your Normal Shopping Carts

November 16, 2012, by

I’m at the grocery store trying to buy food for Shabbat. Trying, because half the check out counters are empty. Many of the checkout people didn’t show up. Usually its packed with people, but not tonight. All of the other stores in the strip mall are closed; only Rami Levi is open. After all, war

An 18th Birthday

November 16, 2012, by

Yesterday was my youngest daughter’s 18th birthday. All she had asked for was for the family to join her in watching a movie with popcorn, a simple enough celebration. My middle son works in Netivot, so he wasn’t present. We spent a fair amount of the early part of the day huddled together in our

Shabat Challot

November 16, 2012, by

As usual, I was at the super picking our weekly Shabat Challot. But this was no ordinary erev Shabat. A number of people also came into the store but they were dressed not in their Shabat finery but in their Tzahal uniforms. It was clear where they were heading. Some I knew from the ‘hood,

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