Beer Sheva 11 20, 2012

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20 Nov 2012

Imagine going to work today. You are rushed and the bus is full. A siren sounds and the bus stops as it is required to do. Passengers get off, and find some building, some cover in the minute or less they have. They hear the sound of the rockets comming in and the anti rockets from Iron Dome going up to meet them. A series of blasts sounds and you see the incoming rocket are no more. People wait a little longer climb on the bus and continue the morning ride. However everyone who got on the bus is not the same as they are when they got off.

You continue your way into work and come into a building to connect to your second bus. We are vague on where we discuss in our city because being vague some day may save someones life. This time another siren goes off and more rockets are comming in. You again seek a safe place and wait and listen. Again another explosion and the rockets coming in are destroyed. However if you look at the picture closely you will see parts of the rockets are going to come raining down below.

We are proud of our home the City of Beer Sheva, home of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. A city which plays an important role in all of their lives. A city in which we are busy building up for the time when Jews thoughout the world come home to Israel. This is our city, this is our country and we are not going anywhere. Thanks a resident of Beer Sheva.

Sarah Rivka Ben David

The words of this author reflect his/her own opinions and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Orthodox Union.