A Jew Among Jews

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21 Nov 2012

We arrived in Israel last Sunday night (November 11th) to spend two weeks with our children and grandchildren. We were in Neve Daniel until Thursday watching our grandchildren as our children took a well-deserved vacation. We started to hear about the rockets on Wednesday.

On Thursday night we came back to Yerushalayim. We went for a walk that evening anticipating the wonderful smell of Shabbos. As we passed the Gra shul , Tehillim were being said.

We went back to Neve Daniel for Shabbos. As Kabbalas Shabbos was starting a neighbor came in to ask if we were alright. As we soon understood, we had totally missed the siren. The men came home from shul stating that the Rav indicated that it was very important to say Tehillim, learn extra and do Maasim Tovim. We had a wonderful Shabbos, taking walks around the Yisuv and catching up with old friends.

Motzei Shavbos we returned to Yerushalayim. Do we stay in or go out when our boys are being called up to the front? We didn’t want Hamas to be able to say that they had affected a change in behavior so we go out.

As we passed the intersection of Ramban and King George we notice a group gathering. On one side of the group five Bnei Akiva boys start singing am Yisrael chai and anachnu maaminim bnei maaminim holding signs that say tzhal anachnu imchem. People start gathering. The police are there and they join the group as they continue their lookout. Cars honk their horns. On one side of street a family of charedim stands and watch. I’m approached by three women from Singapore who want to understand what is going on. Although I would have much preferred to stand there and take in the achdus that fifty people are feeling I answer their questions. They can’t understand how this “ demonstration” is being allowed by the police. And what were they singing and were they dressed with those things on their heads and with fringes because they were “Pharisees.”

We continue onto the kotel. We decide not to walk through the shuk. As we exit the security booth, a car drives by with an obviously important person in it. We inquire and find out that it is the mekubal Rav Eliyahu Leon Levi from Bnei Brak. The kavod afforded him as well as the kindness emanating from him were apparent. The Motzei Shabbos davening and learning were with a request that all of klal Yisrael should be safe and in peace. As we are about to leave, a group starts to form. First five, then ten, then a hundred men gather to beg for peace and safety. Their Tehillim could be heard all the way up the stairs.

I could go on and on but by now you understand that there is no place like the land of Israel to make one feel like they belong to Am Yisrael.

Sharon Schild

The words of this author reflect his/her own opinions and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Orthodox Union.