An Empty Chair at the Seder

20 Apr 2016

In this moving piece over at The Times of Israel, Howie Beigelman reflects about having a seder without his father who died last year.

Last year, the seder – all of Pesach really – was a blur. We were hardly up from shloshim, the first thirty days of mourning, for my dad. He was on my mind then, but he’s on my mind now too, even – or because of – the intervening time.

As I prepare for the second Passover since my father died, I still can’t get one conversation with him out of my mind.

It’s not just because this will be only the fourth time in my life sitting down to the seders without him at the table. It’s not because there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think of something I’d like to tell my dad, or a question I wish I could ask him. And it’s not even because I can’t believe my young children will never have the chance to steal his afikomen.

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