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OU Staff

Rabbi Dr. Josh Joseph at BoardCon

April 1, 2022, by

Rabbi Dr. Josh Joseph, EVP and COO of the OU, speaking on a panel at Nonprofit BoardCon this week, with a tremendous message on “disagreeing agreeably.”

Crisis in Israel – How Can You Help?

May 11, 2021, by

As rockets continue to rain down upon Israel, the Orthodox Union is quickly responding to help acheinu bnei Yisrael. How you can help: Take Action Contact your US Representatives and Senators to urge them to stand with Israel with a public statement of support for Operation Protective Edge and Israel’s right to defend itself. Tefilot (Prayer) We

Join Us – Complimentary Two-Day CLE Seminar on President’s Day Weekend

February 6, 2019, by

The Beth Din of America, together with the OU, YU’s Center of the Jewish Future, and the RCA, will be running a complimentary two day continuing legal education seminar this President’s Day weekend. The talks will take place on Sunday, February 17, 2019 at the Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst and on Monday, February 18, 2019

Take the Purim Pledge

February 7, 2018, by

The month of Adar is a period of celebration on the Jewish calendar, culminating in the celebration of Purim. The consumption of alcohol on Purim is just one of the many ways we celebrate the great miracle that took place in the time of Queen Esther – the story we read about in the megillah.

My Experience At Yarchei Kallah

January 11, 2018, by

I experienced the unbelievable power we all have to find meaning and create connection in our lives. Instead of sitting on the beach this winter break, I, along with 380 other public-school teens from all over America, Canada, Chile, and Argentina, came together to expand our understanding of Judaism and learn Torah for five days

True Thanksgiving: Expressing Thanks Every Day

November 22, 2017, by

The roaring twenties are back. Consumer confidence and the stock market are at all-time highs, unemployment is at a record low. 2017 has been a year of success with plenty of ways to prove it. We live in a society that glorifies success and consumption, and feeds instant gratification and entitlement. Ask not what your

The Fastest Ambulance? An Israeli Motorcycle

June 20, 2017, by

As a young EMT on a Jerusalem ambulance, Eli Beer realized that, stuck in brutal urban traffic, they often arrived too late to help. So he organized a group of volunteer EMTs — many on foot — ready to drop everything and dash to save lives in their neighborhood. Today, United Hatzlah uses a smartphone