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Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer

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Pearls from the Torah

October 3, 2018, by

Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran, whose half century of accomplishments in Jewish education, the rabbinate, writing and kashrut are legendary, has just published a jam-packed collection of essays on the weekly Torah portion, entitled Something Old, Something New: Pearls from the Torah. Aside from being thick enough to provide loads of new and creative great divrei Torah

Preparing for Pesach Again—Thank God

April 21, 2016, by

As we head into the final stretches of Pesach preparation, we anticipate the tension increasing: so much to do, so little time to do it, and to squeeze it all into very set time frames – and then staying up quite late for two Sedarim in a row. It is real “crunch time” and a period that

Parshat Yitro: Messaging Tips from Heaven

January 28, 2016, by

Contemporary society does an absolutely awful job at communicating. Despite possession of the most advanced communication tools ever known, modern man would earn an F in Interpersonal Communication 1.0, were there to be such a course (and there should be!). Be it parental distraction and detachment from communicating with children, or people’s aversion to engage in face-to-face conversation, their refusal to listen to

The Shabbos Blizzard — Holding Down the Urban Fort

January 24, 2016, by

As I trod for several blocks through a few feet of snow and over waist-high snow banks, heading to Shacharis and then again to Maariv at K’hal Adath Jeshurun (KAJ/”Breuer’s”) in the face of a fierce north wind that drove the rapidly falling snow with extreme speed and intensity onto every available surface, so as to assure

A Very Urban Sukkot

October 2, 2015, by

Sukkos – for many, it’s summer’s last hurrah. Being outdoors, hopefully in green, lush and warm (or not too cold) surroundings. A pleasant return to nature before autumn really kicks in. A great time to spend away from home, perhaps in a rural environment. (Imagine spending Sukkos at a sleepaway camp or a bungalow colony…)

Planned (Frum) Parenting

August 11, 2015, by

I do not think that I am a great parent; I do not know if I am even a good one. Nonetheless, even those of us whose accomplishments are mediocre or worse learn from experience and can thus ascend the soap box once in a while to share advice with others (or to rant, based

Say Cheese!

March 23, 2011, by

“Say Cheese” Q: Why do only a few brands of “hard” cheese, such as cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan, bear well-known kosher symbols? After all, the ingredients in almost all cheeses seem to be kosher; can you please explain? A: To the surprise of many people, kosher “rennet-set” cheeses – cheeses such as those you listed