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OU Staff

NCSY’s Ben Zakkai Honor Society Presents Its 2021 Candidate Members

August 12, 2021, by

The Ben Zakkai Honor Society raises critical funds to provide direct scholarships for NCSYers to continue their Jewish education after high school, or to participate in various NCSY programs, For over 50 years Ben Zakkai membership has selected five new Alumni Inductees as well as up to twenty “candidate members” from among several thousand graduating

Statements on the Petirah of Rabbi Dr. Zecharia Senter z”l

April 8, 2021, by

OU Kosher COO Rabbi Moshe Elefant: “Rabbi Senter zt”l was a pioneer in the world of industrial kashrus. He was an individual of great intellect, but at the same time very warm & easy to get along with.” OU Kosher CEO Rabbi Menachem Genack: “Rabbi Zecharia Senter zt”l and I were actually quite close. The

Ensuring Next COVID Relief Bill Helps Schoolkids

February 4, 2021, by

As legislators begin to move forward with a plan for the next COVID-19 relief bill, organizations who have been actively lobbying for new legislation are busy behind the scenes trying to shape the actual proposal. In addition to signing onto a letter spearheaded by the National Council of Nonprofits outlining broad goals for the bill,

Watch on Zoom: The Sheldon Rudoff a”h Memorial Lecture

December 31, 2020, by

Join Rabbi Yosie Levine on Wednesday, January 6 at 7:00 PM EST as he talks about the pursuit of an indispensable Jewish value from ancient times to the present. Presented by the Orthodox Union and the Beth Din of America. Sheldon Rudoff, a”h was past president of both the Orthodox Union and the Beth Din

An Exceptional Opportunity from Longtime NCSY and Yachad Supporters

December 24, 2020, by

For many years, Gershon and Aviva Distenfeld of Bergenfield have been donors and supporters of two important OU programs: NCSY Relief Missions and Yachad. Both programs have grown significantly in recent years thanks in considerable part to the Distenfelds’ partnership. In recognition of their support, the New Jersey region Relief Missions were named the Fred