Some Thoughts on the Situation

23 Nov 2012

Some thoughts on the situation

ON Shabbat night our false sense of tranquility was shattered.

We live in Gush Etzion, surrounded by an Arab population…they wouldn’t dare!
Then the siren went sounded..memories of the Gulf War…and within seconds..BOOM..
A missile lands a few kilometers from our home
(they were aiming for Jerusalem..the unthinkable!)

This 2:15PM…sirens CAN’T be happening again!!
Down to the shelter and this time the BOOM was much closer..
within a kilometer of Gili’s..Falling between two Arab villiages.
Again, aimed at Jerusalem..but off by a few degrees

As I am writing this there is constant shelling on southern towns killing 2
and a missle fell in Rishon Le’Zion (a Tel Aviv suburb)

The Government is discussing a cease the opinion of many, a bad decision as the job is far from done. On the other hand, entering Gaza with ground forces is a very complicated issue on many levels and most importantly, the potential loss of many lives of our brave, young Israeli soldiers.

Cease Fire or not..OUR soldiers will be in the Gaza area for a long time to come..and they need to know that we stand behind them.

david erlich

The words of this author reflect his/her own opinions and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Orthodox Union.