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Jeff Korbman

I Didn’t Cry…

January 18, 2023, by

“I didn’t cry… but I came really close. And, truth be told, grandpa did.” Jeff Korbman, OU Director of Foundations & Strategic Partnerships, describes his meaningful experience on a recent trip to Israel. “While I could not count how many mezuzot I have affixed in my lifetime, I can tell anyone which was the most

“The Real Thing” Aspire: NCSY’s Yarchei Kallah

February 6, 2020, by

“The oldest generations is the most religious; the youngest are the most nonbelieving.” So wrote Lane Greene in a recent article in The Economist. Greene traced faith in the U.S., in historical terms, and demonstrated what we know and see: teens are not less engaged, they are unengaged. By extension, the very idea of gathering

Repairing the World – A Wrench, A Mop, And Our Neshama!

June 5, 2019, by

So there I was, on the floor, crouched over a door hinge. It was dark. The only light I had was from my iPhone, which was propped up on a towel from the linen closet. It smelled. But I was determined to get the hinge off, which would allow me to get the door off,