OneFamily Commemorates Yom Hazikaron

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05 May 2014

Last night hundreds of people—children, bereaved family members, and friends gathered outside the OneFamily building in Jerusalem for a unique and emotional Yom Hazikaron ceremony.

The ceremony was initiated nine years ago by a group of bereaved children after feeling uncomfortable attending their local public community ceremonies.

They asked OneFamily to create a ceremony for them where they know they are with family, and know they are safe to express their thoughts and feelings.

The purpose of sharing the video above is to enable communities outside Israel to observe this day together with bereaved families in Israel – to support them in their loss.

This year, those in attendance heard from:

Hodaya Ames, daughter of Talya z”l and Yitzhak z”l Ames
Talya and Yitzhak Ames were killed on August 31, 2010 in a drive by shooting on their way home, leaving six orphans.

Marom Manzur, younger brother of Aviad Manzur z”l
June 26, 2005 – Aviad Mansour, 16, of Otniel died of wounds suffered in a drive-by terrorist shooting on June 24 at a hitchhiking stop near Beit Hagai.

Shachar Hatzav, son of Ya’akov Hatzav z”l
September 9, 2001 – Ya’akov Hatzav, 42, of Hamra in the Jordan Valley was killed in a shooting attack 300 meters south of the Adam Junction in the Jordan Valley.

Shira Levi, sister of Noam Levi z”l
May 7, 2009 – Sgt. Noam Levi z”l was killed in action in Ramallah.

Tali Ben Yishai, mother of Ruti Fogel z”l, mother-in-law of Udi Fogel z”l grandmother of Yoav, Elad, and Hadas z”l
March 11, 2011 – Ruti, Udi, Yoav, Elad, and Hadas were killed at home in Itamar

You can learn more about the ceremony.

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