My Home, My Birthright

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30 Aug 2006

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This past summer NCSY birthright israel had 240 participants aged 18 to 26 visit Israel for their first time!! They explored the country, history and culture of Israel from climbing Masada to checking out the Safed Candle Factory, wine tasting in the Golan, the Tel Aviv nightlife, camel riding in the Judean Desert, the Western Wall in Jerusalem, and much, much more!

The trips were amazing with over 150 new NCSY’ers extending their trips, 40 attending full time Torah Study institutions, 3 making Aliyah and 2 joining the army for a year. We had 6 birthright related weddings this summer that we know of and many more plan on returning to Israel in the coming year! These are a few pictures to give you a feeling of the tremendous experience birthright israel is – NCSY style!!

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Next week’s slideshow: As summer ebbs, we will hold on just a little bit longer, reliving the past couple of month. Let us know what you did! Submit your photos to And don’t forget to send in for the following week – Back to School…

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