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In his capacity as Torah Content Editor for the OU, Rabbi Jack Abramowitz, MS Ed., creates and coordinates content for such programs as Taryag and Mishna Yomit. His clear and down-to-earth explanations of even the most esoteric Torah concepts has been the hallmark of projects from NCSY's Torah on One Foot series of educational pamphlets to, the first sexual abstinence web site designed specifically for Jewish teens. Rabbi Abramowitz is the author of The Shnayim Mikra Companion on Torah, the two-volume Nach Yomi Companion on the books of the Prophets and the Writings, and The Tzniyus Book.

Slice of Life, Sliders

July 13, 2011, by

Please note: Eileen Goltz is a freelance kosher food writer. The Orthodox Union makes no endorsements or representations regarding kashrut certification of various products/vendors referred to in her articles, blog, or web site. Certain produce requires careful examination and scrutiny for any bugs and insects. For more information, please visit : OU Fruit and Vegetable

This Purim We Built a Community

March 12, 2009, by

View Slideshow The children of Sderot and those communities hit by the Gaza War have suffered tremendously, and continue to suffer. But this Purim, they recognized the all they have received from Makom BaLev, the OU Israel program that has provided a safe haven for them, and they gave to others in need. Makom BaLev