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Shelomo Dobkin

In his capacity as Torah Content Editor for the OU, Rabbi Jack Abramowitz, MS Ed., creates and coordinates content for such programs as Taryag and Mishna Yomit. His clear and down-to-earth explanations of even the most esoteric Torah concepts has been the hallmark of projects from NCSY's Torah on One Foot series of educational pamphlets to negiah.org, the first sexual abstinence web site designed specifically for Jewish teens. Rabbi Abramowitz is the author of The Shnayim Mikra Companion on Torah, the two-volume Nach Yomi Companion on the books of the Prophets and the Writings, and The Tzniyus Book.

With a Name Like Heshy

April 1, 2011, by

This article first appeared in Mishpacha Magazine on March 29th and has been reprinted with permission. Photo credits: Judah S. Harris. Thursday, the in-box gets flooded. It’s the day when the parshah e-mails and divrei Torah from a wide variety of organizations and institutions get sent out, a means of staying in touch with members

Reflections: CHICAGO YACHAD Shabbaton

December 14, 2010, by

On Shabbos Parshas Vayishlach our shul, Congregation Sha’arei Tzedek Mishkan Yair, was privileged to host a CHICAGO YACHAD Shabbaton. Special needs children and teens, together with high school volunteers and college age supervisors spent a Shabbos with the shul, joining us for davening, meals and a special seudah shlishis. I know that the experience touched

Baruch Dayan Ha-Emet; Tragic Loss of NCSY Advisor Moshe Berkowitz z”l

December 6, 2010, by

Moshe Yehuda Ben Yaakov HaKohen or Mo Berkowitz passed away tragically as an automobile accident victim this past Monday night returning home from his yeshiva Ohr Yitzchak. Although Mo had an extremely challenging upbringing, time and time again he was able to pick himself up and rise above circumstances that would entrap many of us.

OU Establishes Israel Emergency Forest Fire Fund

December 5, 2010, by

OU ESTABLISHES EMERGENCY FOREST FIRE CAMPAIGN AS BLAZE DESTROYS MUCH OF NORTHERN ISRAEL AND TAKES MANY LIVES The Orthodox Union Thursday announced an Emergency Forest Fire Campaign with 100 percent of the donations to be sent to organizations providing rescue, relief, emergency services and support in Israel. The OU is monitoring the situation around the

Perfect Chanukah Gift for your Teen

November 15, 2010, by

NCSY SUMMER PROGRAMS 2011 REGISTRATION NOW OPEN; EARLY-BIRD REGISTRATION ENDS JANUARY 3 This year, give a Chanukah present that you can’t gift-wrap but is sure to have a more dramatic impact: a spot in an NCSY summer program. NCSY, the Orthodox Union’s international youth program, plays a pivotal role in the lives of Jewish teens

Team Yachad Half-Marathon Fundraisier

November 10, 2010, by

TEAM YACHAD RECRUITING FOR JANUARY 31 HALF-MARATHON IN MIAMI Team Yachad is busy training for the 2011 ING Half-Marathon in Miami. The countdown in on to the finish line Sunday, January 31: three months; 13.1 miles; one certified training coach; 40 dedicated team members from eight states committed to raising $3,000 each for the organization

Know Any College Students Who Are NCSY Alumni?

October 28, 2010, by

OU ALUMNI CONNECTIONS TO SEND CANDY TO ALUMS AT JEWISH HOLIDAYS; UPDATED STUDENT CONTACT INFORMATION REQUESTED “Life is like a box of chocolates, but with OU Alumni, you know what you’re gonna get.” (adapted from the movie “Forest Gump”). Candy for Contact Info! is a new initiative from the Orthodox Union Department of Alumni Connections

Introducing the Koren Siddur Mesorat HaRav

October 20, 2010, by

Students of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik (the Rav), satisfied users of the Koren Sacks Siddur and anyone looking to gain insight into the meaning of Jewish prayer will rejoice at the upcoming publication of the Koren Mesorat HaRav Siddur: The Berman Edition. This complete Hebrew-English siddur follows the commentary style made popular in the Machzor

Joy During the Nine Days

June 22, 2010, by

The Mishnah (Ta’anit 25b) says that once the month of Av begins, during the Nine Days, we have to reduce our joy. The Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chaim 551:2) rules according to the Rishonim who interpret this rule as meaning that we may not engage in business, build items that bring us pleasure or make preparations

Showering During the Nine Days

June 17, 2010, by

The Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chaim 551:16) records a custom practiced by Ashkenazim of not bathing or showering during the Nine Days, from Rosh Chodesh of the month of Av until the end of the Tisha B’Av mourning. Rav Moshe Soloveichik explained the custom as follows: When someone’s relative dies, there are three periods of mourning