Living with the Gulf War

23 Nov 2012

Backtrack to 1990-1991 when our family came to Israel to spend a teaching Sabbatical year in Israel. We rented an apartment in Rechavia just touching Shaarai Chessed. We reaped the benefits of living within walking distance to the Kotel , and still davening in the Shules in the neighborhood. like the Great Synagogue and Bais Knesses Ha Gra. Then came the Gulf War with 39 “azakot”, many of them on Friday night, but all of them chilling and tense. We walked around with gas masks, but we did not leave Yerushalayim, despite the many demands from family and friends to leave for a safe place. We really felt we were protected living in Yerusalayim. So we stayed, and volunteered to help in schools. At the same time, our Israeli neighbors applauded our decision to remain in Israel, and supported us with their friendship during these tense times. We were never sorry about our decision to stay (especially when most Americans and students were leaving Israel). I feel it strengthened our family’s belief in the holiness of Israel and allowed our children to realize how important peace is in our Land.

The words of this author reflect his/her own opinions and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Orthodox Union.