ISIS on the Rise Among Israeli Arabs

03 Mar 2016

From the Times of Israel:

A total of 34 Israeli Arabs have been indicted for offenses related to activities on behalf of Islamic State, a TV report said Thursday, adding that the terror group was steadily growing in popularity in Israel.

The Channel 10 report said Islamic State has been working relentlessly to encourage a major terrorist attack in Israel. It said IS has some 100 activists in Israel at present. The report referenced the January 1, 2016 killings of three Israelis in Tel Aviv by Israeli Arab Nashat Milhem, and a stabbing attack the same month by a Sudanese migrant in Israel, as having been inspired by Islamic State.

It also said 40 Israeli Arabs have left Israel to join up with Islamic State forces, largely traveling via Turkey. Ten Palestinians are currently “missing” from Palestinian Authority areas and believed to have joined up with IS, it added.

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