Guide to Keeping Kosher in Israel

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20 Nov 2013

ouisraelguidePlanning a trip to Israel? Check out the OU Kosher Israel Guide, a joint effort of the OU Israel Center and OU Kosher. Both organizations understand the complexities of kashrut in Israel. It is important to be aware that there are more aspects to kosher food in Israel than there are elsewhere.

The OU Kosher Israel Guide discusses a variety of subjects of interest: what is Mehadrin, guidelines for eating out, a list of Kashrut organizations in Israel, Truma and Ma’aser, keeping kosher in or kashering a rented apartment, checking for bugs in produce, Challah and Orlah, and Yashan and Chadash.

What this Guide is not intended to do is to dictate what standards of kashrut you should keep. Our intention is to help you understand and navigate the Israeli kosher marketplace.

Download the Guide now (pdf)



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