Fighting Big Knives and Bad Ideas

02 Nov 2015

Liel Leibovitz of Tablet Magazine writes:

You’ve been getting the arithmetic of war all wrong: The bloody battle unfurling in the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and Ra’anana and elsewhere in Israel involves three sides, not two.

One consists of people like Isra Abed. She’s 30, an Israeli-Arab divorcee with a young child living with her parents in Nazareth. Not too long ago, Abed graduated from the Technion, one of the world’s finest institutions of higher learning. She could have followed in the path of another recent Israeli-Arab Technion grad from Nazareth, one not much older than Abed, and focus on discovering ways to cure cancer. She could’ve enjoyed the privileges associated with her prestigious degree and joined her fellow alums in the Israeli workforce, where a Technion grad’s average monthly salary is approximately $6,558, much higher than the average wage in the local economy. Instead, she took a large knife, traveled to the central bus station in the northern town of Afula, and tried to stab Jews. Soldiers arriving on the scene just in time shot and wounded her.

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