Could the Murder in Beit Horon Have Been Prevented?

02 Feb 2016

From the Times of Israel:

Last week’s fatal stabbing attack in the West Bank settlement of Beit Horon, which left a 23-year-old woman dead and a 58-year-old woman injured, was carried out just a few feet from the local kindergarten — which one week later remains largely unguarded.

Though most reports on the terror attack described it as having taken place outside the settlement’s grocery store, Ibrahim Al’an and Hassin Abu Gush began their murderous rampage in the garden outside the school — just 15 minutes after the children had left for the day.

To many in the community, the writing was on the wall for an attack like this. Since the start of the violence in October, and even before, members of the community have been calling for increased security, especially for the area around the kindergarten, where the attack took place.

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