Arafat’s Widow Says Armed Struggle will Lead Nowhere

13 Nov 2014

Suha Arafat, wife of the late Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat, appeared to accuse Hamas on Wednesday of perpetrating “genocide” in the Gaza Strip, and denounced the terror group for Islamizing the coastal enclave and holding its inhabitants “hostage.”

In an interview with the Italian La Republicca in honor of the tenth anniversary of her husband’s death, Suha Arafat called on Palestinians to resume negotiations with Israel and renounce violence. She also addressed the allegations that Arafat was poisoned and expressed the hope that the French authorities would get to the bottom of the matter, but insisted she could not cast blame on Israel or Palestinian suspects.

“Hamas has taken people hostage. When I see what is happening in Gaza … It’s a genocide. A generation that is growing up in violence, with no education, with no hope but emigration,” she said. (Ironically, Arafat’s successor Mahmoud Abbas accused israel of committing genocide in Gaza, in an inflammatory address to the UN General Assembly in September.)

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