OU Communities Respond to Hurricane Matthew

06 Oct 2016

The Toco Hills community in Atlanta, anchored by OU affiliate shuls Congregation Beth Jacob and Young Israel of Toco Hills, is working on a coordinated effort to make home hospitality available to members of the Jewish communities of the Carolinas and Florida who are affected by Hurricane Matthew.

Over 50 local families have already signed up to be hosts, and we are eager to provide a safe place for our brothers and sisters in these areas. Hospitality is available immediately and through Shabbat.

“The speed with which our community has responded to this call is a testament to the deep responsibility we feel to Jews throughout our region and across the world,” said Rabbi Ilan Feldman. “We invite our brothers and sisters in the affected areas to consider joining us until it is safe for them to return home. Hospitality has always been a hallmark of our community, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share our homes and shuls with our extended Jewish family. By the way, it doesn’t take a hurricane for our doors to be open – we are always eager to welcome guests at any time of year and in all weather conditions.”
Rabbi Adam Starr of Atlanta added: “In our teffilot we  say the words Acheinu Beit Yisrael describing the Jewish people as a family. When family is in need we do not hesitate to open our homes to provide support and care. In that spirit we in the Atlanta Jewish community welcome with open arms our extended Jewish family in the affected areas to join us in our homes until safe to return.”
If you are a resident of Charleston, Savannah or Florida Jewish communities, and need a place for Shabbat, fill out this form and we will be in touch shortly. This effort is being overseen by Rabbi Yitzchok Tendler, Executive Director of Beth Jacob.
Check out the RCA Shabbat protocols in case of a hurricane or other disasters:

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