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Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Rabbi Jack Abramowitz is Torah Content Editor at the Orthodox Union. He is the author of six books, including The Tzniyus Book and The Taryag Companion. His latest work, The God Book, is available from OU Press as well as on Amazon.

Don’t Fear the Barista

June 18, 2018, by

I used to have a funny habit. Remember toll booths? Before EZ Pass, we used to wait on line to reach a little booth, where we paid our tolls to a live human being. Well, I always used to crack jokes and banter with toll booth workers. It didn’t take my wife long to notice

Trigger Warning: Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain

June 12, 2018, by

This article is not only about trigger warnings, it also is one: we are going to address suicide. Please stop here if you find such discussions triggering. People of my generation tend to scoff at the ubiquity of trigger warnings, content warnings and other emotional accommodations afforded in this day and age. Things like a

It’s Not Mitzvah Time

May 29, 2018, by

Being a commuter on the New York City subway, I am no stranger to street preachers. Honestly, I find them kind of annoying because people are trying to read, sleep, have a conversation or just generally mind their own business. Nevertheless, I don’t say anything because I recognize that these people see “witnessing” as a

Yanny vs. Laurel, You vs. Me

May 23, 2018, by

Last week, the Interwebs were thrown into a minor tizzy thanks to an audio clip that said “Laurel.” Or perhaps it said “Yanny.” People couldn’t quite seem to agree. This made people flash back to a dress that is so famous it has come to be known simply as “the dress.” You know the one:

Getting Old Stinks (But It Beats the Alternative)

May 15, 2018, by

I did not take turning 40 well. (This was * koff koff * years ago.) I tried the old Jack Benny trick of remaining perpetually 39 but you can only get away with that for 10 or 12 years before people start to get suspicious. I even proposed a brilliant bit of logic as to

Leave the Kids Out of It

May 8, 2018, by

It was only up on Twitter for a day or two, so maybe you missed it. I hope you missed it because it was terrible. It was there on Sunday when I decided to write about this and gone on Monday when I sat down to actually write it. It was a video that went

I Totally Stole This Idea About God

April 30, 2018, by

Pirkei Avos really only has five chapters. The sixth chapter, called “Kinyan Torah” (the Acquisition of Torah) or “Perek d’Rabbi Meir” (the Chapter of Rabbi Meir), was appended because of the custom to study Pirkei Avos each Shabbos from Pesach to Shavuos. There are six Shabboses so we need six chapters but Avos chapter 6

On Carey Purcell and Jewish Men

April 12, 2018, by

Immediately prior to Passover, I posted an article on Anti-Semitic Canards, a phenomenon that is all too common in what is supposed to be an enlightened era. Carey Purcell’s bewildering and poorly-received diatribe on dating, which came out in the Washington Post over the course of Passover, continues that theme quite nicely – at least as “nicely”

Anti-Semitic Canards

March 27, 2018, by

There have been a lot of accusations of anti-Semitism lately, and an equal number of excuses. First, Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested that Jews, rather than Russians, might be behind US election tampering. This was generally accepted as an unfounded attack on a minority group, though defenders pointed out that Putin was responding to a

Did the Bookkeeper of Auschwitz Redeem Himself?

March 20, 2018, by

I shouldn’t have to say this but Nazis are bad. Unambiguously, unequivocally bad. I point that out at the outset because of the possibility that someone will misinterpret my upcoming words and say that I’m defending a Nazi. That is absolutely not what’s going on here. That having been said, you may have heard that

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