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Shelomo Dobkin

In his capacity as Torah Content Editor for the OU, Rabbi Jack Abramowitz, MS Ed., creates and coordinates content for such programs as Taryag and Mishna Yomit. His clear and down-to-earth explanations of even the most esoteric Torah concepts has been the hallmark of projects from NCSY's Torah on One Foot series of educational pamphlets to negiah.org, the first sexual abstinence web site designed specifically for Jewish teens. Rabbi Abramowitz is the author of The Shnayim Mikra Companion on Torah, the two-volume Nach Yomi Companion on the books of the Prophets and the Writings, and The Tzniyus Book.

Torah Cake

November 1, 2007, by

A Sefer Torah should be pretty easy. Try making two rolled log cakes and put a square layered cake in between. Something similar to the picture below. Good Luck!

A Different Kind of Oneg Dish

September 30, 2007, by

Grape leaves are nice, Assorted Grilled vegetables, Perhaps some Kibbe, Cigars, or Lachmagin if you are serving fleishig (meat). A jello* mold with fruit or just a simple Fruit Platter is nice. Also a Crudite’ platter with a dip. Top it all off with some Yerushalmi Kugel , or an overnight Potato Kugel always goes

Blintz Casserole (from frozen blintzes)

September 24, 2007, by

Try this recipe, Ingredients: 2 packages frozen blintzes 1½ pints sour cream 6 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla extract ½ cup orange juice ½ cup sugar Cinnamon Instructions: Mix together the sour cream, sugar, vanilla extract, orange juice and eggs. In a large baking pan melt 1 stick of butter/margarine. Put in frozen blintzes and coat

Teiglach Recipe

September 10, 2007, by

TRY THIS OUT! HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR Yields about 80 pieces (Parve) Ingredients: Syrup: 1 lb. honey ¾ cup water (plus more if needed) 2 Tablespoons lemon juice 2 cups sugar Dough: 6 eggs 1 Tablespoons ginger ½ Tablespoon salt 3 Tablespoons oil 1 tsp baking powder 3½ cup flour (plus ½ cup or more for

Freezing Homemade Gefilte Fish

September 4, 2007, by

You can freeze the raw mix for a couple of months. No problem. You can shape it and freeze or freeze in bulk, like in sturdy plastic containers. Which ever way you decide, wrap well in plastic wrap. It will hold much better or you can use Freezer Ziplocs. Comment: Q: My fish is already

Low Carb, Low Sugar Kichel

August 15, 2007, by

I came upon this recipe for Little Kichel. Let me know if this works for you. Yields about 20 kichel Ingredients: 1 large egg ¼ teaspoon salt ¼ cup sweet red wine ½ to 1 cup all-purpose unbleached flour Vegetable oil or Crisco for deep-frying Confectioners’ (powdered) sugar Instructions: Beat the egg well Add salt,

Sugar-Free Fat-Free Oatmeal Cookies

August 8, 2007, by

And finally, the long awaited sugar-free (or low sugar) cookie recipe: Ingredients: 1 cup flour ½ teaspoon soda 1½ cup quick cooking oats 2 egg whites, slightly beaten ¼ teaspoon cinnamon 1 cup Sweet & Low brown sugar 1/3 cup oil ½ cup water 1 cup raisins 4 level measuring spoons of Sweet and Low brown sugar substitute (spoon

Sugar-Free Jam

July 28, 2007, by

Try this one and let me know how it works for you. Ingredients: 2 Tablespoons lemon juice 2 Tablespoons water 2 cups fresh strawberries, or fruit of your choice, washed & diced (OU strawberry statement) Sugar substitute to equal 1 cup sugar 1 envelope unflavored gelatin 1-1/2 teaspoon cornstarch Instructions: Combine lemon juice, water, gelatin and cornstarch in a

English Trifle and Tiramisu Sponge Lady Fingers

June 5, 2007, by

Here is an easy recipe. Ingredients: 1½ cup chopped strawberries ½ cup sugar ½ cup sherry 2 cup heavy cream, whipped (or pareve whipped topping) 3 cup custard, cold 7 whole strawberries & mint leaves (garnish) Instructions: Put sponge cake or ladyfingers in small pieces in the bottom of a glass serving bowl, and around the sides if