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Shelomo Dobkin

In his capacity as Torah Content Editor for the OU, Rabbi Jack Abramowitz, MS Ed., creates and coordinates content for such programs as Taryag and Mishna Yomit. His clear and down-to-earth explanations of even the most esoteric Torah concepts has been the hallmark of projects from NCSY's Torah on One Foot series of educational pamphlets to negiah.org, the first sexual abstinence web site designed specifically for Jewish teens. Rabbi Abramowitz is the author of The Shnayim Mikra Companion on Torah, the two-volume Nach Yomi Companion on the books of the Prophets and the Writings, and The Tzniyus Book.

Curried Chicken

February 14, 2007, by

Ingredients: 2 Tablespoons vegetable oil 1 Tablespoon margarine 6 chicken breasts skinless (or use cutlets) Flour for dusting Salt and pepper 1 cup chopped onion 3 teaspoons curry ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon cumin 2 carrots, peeled and sliced thin on diagonal 1½ cups chicken soup 1 cup broccoli florets ¼

Pareve Milk

February 9, 2007, by

Many people are using soy milk as well, which is also pareve. You might want to try that instead. Good luck!

Potato Latke Pancakes

February 5, 2007, by

In regards to the latkes you were asking about, my guess is that the mix is loaded with matzah meal to bind it. Most probably they are not deep fried in a fryer but in a deep frying pan with lots of oil. Try it yourself. Add matzah meal to your latke mix, enough so

Nefesh B’Nefesh Welcomes its 10,000th Oleh

January 17, 2007, by

December 27th saw the arrival of Nefesh B’Nefesh’s 23rd chartered Aliyah flight. This flight brought over 220 new Olim including a record number of 96 singles and 32 young couples and families. The youngest Oleh was 8 weeks old while the oldest was 87 year old Samuel Haber, who happened to work as a mechanic

Machon Maayan Comes of Age

January 11, 2007, by

Machon Maayan, the new school for post-high school girls from North America, opened its doors in Bet Shemesh in September with 37 girls, of whom the majority are graduates of NCSY. The school, which has blossomed since its establishment, is a joint project of the Orthodox Union and the Education Dept. of the Jewish Agency.

Shabbat Menu

December 15, 2006, by

On Shabbos, most people tend to make special foods, since it is such a special day for us. Examples of traditional types of Shabbos foods are……. Gefilte Fish Chopped Liver Stuffed Cabbage Chulent Chicken Soup with Matzah Balls and much more. The list could go on forever………………….. Perhaps you might want to stop by a

Crock Pots

December 1, 2006, by

Funny you should ask. I have been having the same problem myself. I sometimes wonder if the people that make these crock pots ever thought of testing them out with a good cholent. I guess not! I have made some changes in my use of these crockpots for cholent purposes. First of all, make sure

South African Kichel

November 16, 2006, by

I did some research on the South African Kichel and I found out that it is different then the Kichel we are accustomed to here in the States. Here is the recipe. Hope this will satisfy your husbands cravings……Don’t forget to send me some, although I will probably try this one myself as well. Ingredients:

“Go for yourself from your land…to the land I will show you…”

November 1, 2006, by

Nefesh B’nefesh – “Life In Israel” Aliyah has come a long, long way since Avraham was commanded, “Go to the Land…”. There may have been less bureaucratic offices to deal with back then, but the challenge was still great. Without flinching, Avraham rose to that challenge in a manner that still inspires every Jewish soul