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Sharing Our Secret: The Great Community of Cherry Hill, NJ

March 21, 2013, by

By Alise R. Panitch, Esq. It was about two years ago that the residents of Cherry Hill, NJ were told that we were eligible to participate in the OU Emerging Communities Fair.  This was fantastic news to us.  After all, we love the fact that Cherry Hill is the kind of warm, friendly community where everybody […]

‘Go South Young Family,’ Our Move to Jacksonville, FL

March 21, 2013, by

By Yonit de Metz Deciding to leave everyone and everything you know for the unknown requires a compelling reason. On the outside our life was ideal: my husband Asher and I had great friends, access to several synagogues, an abundance of kosher services, and once a month we’d head to Lakewood, NJ or Manhattan to […]

OU Jewish Community Fair 2013: Dry Cleaner 101

March 21, 2013, by

OU Jewish Communities Fair, now in its fourth year offers information and resources to families and individuals wishing to improve their quality of life by relocating to affordable Jewish Communities that offer professional opportunities. This year’s event, on Sunday, April 21, 2013 at the Metropolitan Pavilion, (110 W. 19th Street, New York, NY) promises to […]