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High Holiday Music Masterclass

September 12, 2017, by

Monday, September 18th @ 8 p.m. Lincoln Square Synagogue Class will include a discussion about the prayers and the music as well as a mini concert presenting the best of the High Holiday melodies. Accompanied by Maestro Eric Freeman Special introduction by Cantor Sherwood Goffin ENTRANCE IS FREE Featuring: Cantor Zevi Muller, West Side Institutional […]

Pre-Rosh Hashana Musical Discovery Program

September 12, 2017, by

Thursday, September 14, 2017, 7pm Featuring Rabbi Dunner Cantor Baram Professor Mark Kligman, Professor of Ethnomusicology and Musicology UCLA Alpert School of Music and Children for the YINBH Youth Department Light refreshments RSVP at rsvp@yinbh.org

Haggadah Tips

March 27, 2016, by

The Seder night is the yearly exhibition of Jewish Education in the home. We discuss the four types of children that make up Jewish families, their questions, and some answers. As we sing and eat our way through the night, there are plenty of customs and rituals to give definition and meaning to the evening(s). I would […]

Purim Tips: Shoshanat Yaakov

January 27, 2016, by

At the conclusion of the Megillah reading both at night and in the morning on Purim we say a prayer called “Shoshanat Yaakov – The Rose of Jacob”. This small paragraph reiterates the conclusion of Megillat Esther as well as restates the who’s who of the  “heroes and villains” of the Purim story. As you […]

Let Us Say Amen

January 18, 2016, by

One of the most spoken words by all Jews in synagogues is AMEN. What does AMEN meananyway? It is one of the first words we learn to say for our davening. During the High Holidays it is quite a moving experience to participate in a thundering AMEN in a large Beit Midrash or Synagogue. It […]

Aleinu and L’Dovid: Humility and Sincerity

August 20, 2015, by

Listen Here to a beautiful vort on love and sincerity An expression of gratitude, an appreciation of God, the need to at least try- A look at special prayers of Elul and the High Holidays with Rabbi Mayer Waxman, Assistant National Director of Yachad/The National Jewish Council for Disabilities.