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SPIRIT: ‘Grandeur of Age: The Cultural Clash of Western...
presented by Rabbi Abba Genack
Jun 17, 2024
By Rabbi Abba Genack
SPIRIT Initiative: Avoiding Estate Plan Family Feuds And Other...
Presented by Jonathan Gudema, Esq
May 10, 2024
By Jonathan Gudema, Esq.
SPIRIT Initiative: The SPIRIT Of Pesach
Presented by Rabbi Eli Eleff, Rabbinic Coordinator | OU Kosher Managing Director, Community Relations This program is presented in coordination with the ASK OU Program
May 9, 2024
By R Eli Eleff
SPIRIT Initiative: Update On The College Campuses
Presented by Tal Attia, COO of  OU-JLIC (Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus)
May 9, 2024
By OU Staff
SPIRIT Initiative: Adar And Purim – Finding Joy In...
Presented by:  Rabbi Sam Shor, OU Israel
May 9, 2024
By Rabbi Sam Shor
SPIRIT Initiative: Believe You Can Succeed
May 9, 2024
By Rebbetzin Shifra Fried
SPIRIT Initiative: Social Security Preparing For Retirement
Presented by David Winston & Andrew Gordon
May 9, 2024
By David Winston
SPIRIT: Power Up!
presented by Talia Molotsky
May 9, 2024
By Talia Molotsky
SPIRIT: “How to Complete a Halachic Living Will”
Presented by Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Brody, Executive Director of Ematai, an organization dedicated to helping Jews navigate their healthcare journey with Jewish wisdom December 26, 2023
Feb 2, 2024
By Rabbi Shlomo Brody
SPIRIT: The Role of Music to Help and Heal
Presented by Miriam Hendeles, MT-BC, music therapist, writer; December 19, 2023
Feb 2, 2024
By Miriam Hendeles

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