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Rabbi Hauer’s Erev Yom Tov Message 5/25/23

May 25, 2023, by

Dear Friends, I hope this note finds you well. The Midrash (Yalkut Shimon Neviim 499) describes the scene at the end of days: “When the King Moshiach will come, he will stand on the roof of the Bais Hamikdash and announce to the Jewish people: ‘Anavim, humble ones, your time of redemption has arrived.’” Humility […]

Support for Tzahal in “Operation Shield and Arrow”

May 9, 2023, by

Today is Lag B’Omer, a joyous day in the Jewish calendar. While on days like this many omit the daily recitation of the twentieth Psalm which asks G-d to respond to us at a time of distress, today we ought to say it with extra fervor. Our sincere prayers are with the members of TZAHAL, […]

A Thought on Yom HaShoah 5783

April 18, 2023, by

Jewish identity is steeped not as much in history as in collective memory. Just two weeks ago at the seder, we recited (and hopefully felt): בכל דור ודור, חייב אדם לראות את עצמו כאלו הוא יצה ממצרים. In every generation, we are obliged to see ourselves as if we left Mitzrayim. What an astounding concept!  […]

Responses to Parsha Questions

March 9, 2023, by

Naso Answers: View the parsha questions Answers to Warm-up Questions: From the Parsha The sons of Gershon and Merrari, whose jobs were to carry and guard the panels, curtains, screens, sockets, pegs, and other structural items and supplies relating to the Mishkan. (4:28; See Rashi 4:16) The suspected Sotah drinks a concoction that contains “holy waters” which […]

A Time for Unity and Prayer

March 2, 2023, by

 לך כנוס את כל היהודים  “Go and gather together all of the Jewish people.” (Megillat Esther 4:16)  Queen Esther brought on the miracle of Purim by calling upon the Jewish people to overcome their differences and come together to fast and pray to G-d for their future. That call needs to be repeated as we […]