The Business of Sukkot: Rebuilding the North

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12 Oct 2006

The poor local economy, another still lingering effect of the war, was evidenced in fewer sellers and buyers, especially for the non-essential, purely decorative items. But, while the hustle and bustle of pre-Sukkot action around town in Tsfat did not match that of previous years, the north struggles to rebuild.

Show your support for Israel, give strength to her people, and her economy. Participate in the OU’s Biennial Convention, to be held in Israel this November, and join us as we travel to the north to see its beauty, give and gain encouragement from its citizens, and do our part to help it rebuild. It’s just one of the many reasons to attend this year’s convention.

Yehudit Halevy lives with her husband, Aharon, in Tsfat. Their other photos of Israel can be viewed at:

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