My Son is Israel

16 Nov 2012

I just returned from Israel last week and may have been standing in the exact same spot as a rocket that struck in Sdorot. I was visiting newly arrived Ethiopian olim in their new absorption center. So many children..they were playing volleyball and practicing their hebrew. I took videos of them on my iphone and they watched the replay in delight. The week before they had never seen running water. I thought they were so lucky to be in Israel. Today, they are huddled in bomb shelters. They are Israel.

I also visited my 19 year old son Blake, who officially made aliya 3 months ago. He has been in Israel for the past year and a half participating in an Israeli leadership program and is now on an ulpan at a Kibbutz. In March he will join the Israeli army. Why would he leave Southern California where life is Disneyland? Only he has the answers, but now maybe more than ever those answers have to make sense. After all he is putting his life on the line. I pray for his safety. He is Israel.

During my 11 day visit to Israel I traveled from the north to the south. met people from all over the world living in Israel. What  were they doing in Israel? Jews. Africans, Burmese,Russians,English,French,filipinos,Moroccans,Swedes,Arabs, Muslims, Christians…They were looking for a better life. Better isn’t always safe. They are Israel too.

Roberta Trachten-Zeve
Irvine, California


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