Love of Israel Possible at American Universities

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24 Oct 2018

My time at New York University did not affect my decision to make aliyah; I was rock solid on that decision before I began orientation. However, my decision to make aliyah did affect my time at New York University. Though I moved to Israel after completing my university degree, my motivation to move was strengthened through my time at school.

Growing up in a religious Zionist home in Los Angeles, Israel and Zionism were part and parcel of my daily life. My school always put on a Yom Ha’atzmaut parade, we recited the tefillah for the the State twice weekly, and I was active in our local Bnei Akiva Snif. My aliyah story is not one of a sudden epiphany late in life; rather, it is the tale of a consistent religious Zionist education throughout my adolescence. Ultimately, my education coalesced during my post-high school year of study in Israel at Yeshivat Hakotel. Before I boarded my flight back to America after my year of study abroad, I had decided to move to Israel once I’d graduated.

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