John Boehner Dines at Rabbi Steven Weil’s Home

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Rabbi Weil with
03 Aug 2012

OU Executive Vice President Rabbi Steven Weil, joined by his family and local Orthodox leaders, were hosts for dinner to Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner of Ohio, at the Weil residence in Teaneck, NJ recently.

Orthodox Union leaders meet frequently on a bipartisan basis with decision- makers in both Washington and the various states.

Rabbi Weil and his family with John Boehner.

According to Rabbi Weil, the discussion over dinner included, among other issues, the effectiveness of sanctions on Iran to put an end to its nuclear program — which is an existential threat to Israel; the affordability of Jewish education and how Congress can respond with tax and voucher legislation to help ease the burden on families; and sequestration – budget cuts that will automatically become operative if the White House and Congress cannot agree on a program of cuts – and their effect on U.S. aid to Israel.

Rabbi Weil with John Boehner.

“The Speaker was extremely gracious and invited me to deliver the Invocation before the House of Representatives prior to Yom Kippur, which of course I was pleased to accept,” Rabbi Weil said. The Invocation will be delivered on September 20.

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