Israel Forgot to Ask

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Israel Air Strikes

Yesterday, Israel killed the leader of Hamas’ military. Israel launched 20 air strikes that the BBC described as “the worst barrage on the Palestinian territory in four years.”

If that’s the case, Israel’s hands have been tied for four years too long.

Israel was once the David. She was the underdog, fighting against the overwhelmingly huge Goliaths surrounding her. She had the world’s sympathy.

And then, the world changed its collective mind. It was the Six Day War, the Lebanon War, the Intifada–different people cite different times–when the roles flipped. Israel became the giant, the Palestinians the disadvantaged, the weak, the David.

And now, depicted as a bully of epic proportions, Israel always needs to ask: How much will the world let me get away with?

Israel asks this question when children are woken in the middle of the night to rush for cover from falling rockets. She asks this question when grandma is afraid to take a shower because last time the siren went off she had to run out, and her wet feet slipped on the staircase and she injured herself. And she asks it again when her people are murdered.

Yesterday, Israel forgot to ask. Instead, she answered some other questions that have been in the minds of hearts of Israelis and Jews around the world:

Why won’t Israel’s army use its strength to defend its own soldiers?

She will.

How can a country allow one million of her citizens to live with the constant possibility that a mortar or missile with fall on them?

She can’t.

How many people need to be killed before Israel shows the people under fire that she cares about them?

This many.

For how long will Israel let her attackers get away with this?

No longer.


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The OU and RCA express support for Israel’s defense of innocent lives along Israel’s southern border. They call upon all supporters of Israel to engage in extra Torah study, prayer, political action, and charity in support of Israel’s soldiers and civilians in this battle.

Special thanks to Yakira Apfel for help writing this article.

Avi Berman is the Executive Director of OU Israel.

The words of this author reflect his/her own opinions and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Orthodox Union.