Five Changes I Made To My Life in Israel

Alexandra Benjamin wrote the following post on Facebook. In the wake of almost 30 terrorists attacks in Israel, she wrote about the five changes she made to her life and five things she refuses to change. We are grateful to Alexandra for allowing us to share this.

Five Changes I Have Made to My Behaviour in Recent Days

  1. I no longer text or play candy crush as I walk. I want to stay alert and aware of my surroundings.
  2. When I wait at a bus stop I stand behind the shelter, not under it.
  3. When I walk down the sidewalk I try and walk on the side of the oncoming traffic – the better to see cars coming towards me.
  4. When I leave my home in the morning I make sure I haven’t left anything embarrassing out – just in case I don’t come back and someone else has to enter my apartment.
  5. I avoid wearing high-heels, just in case I need to run.

Five Changes I Refuse to Make to My Behaviour

  1. I won’t stop going out. I will go to work, go to the gym, go to the shuk, go to restaurants. This is my life and my city and I won’t have it stolen from me.
  2. I won’t look at every Arab like s/he is a terrorist. I won’t allow myself to get sucked into racist fear-mongering.
  3. I won’t lose perspective. I will remember that terrorism is about inciting terror out of proportion to the danger. This is still the city where I can (and do) walk safely though my neighborhood alone in the middle of the night.
  4. I won’t panic. Even when I hear several sirens in a row, or when I see security forces blocking off the street. (not every ‘suspicious object’ is a bomb.)
  5. I won’t stop being grateful for the amazing miracle that is Israel and for the incredible things that make our society one I am so proud of.


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