3 Boys, 19 Days and 1 Changed People

3boysAs I sit in my living room four and a half hours after hearing the terrible news I find myself deep in thought about what has just happened. While the media now focuses on how, who, when, what will happen, I decide to take my thoughts elsewhere.

Thinking about the atmosphere just 19 days ago is not hard to do. Political figures, Rabbis, community leaders and private individuals were all bothered by the fragmentation of Klal Yisrael. Each party and each community caring about its own interests, and not one of those that I just mentioned are able to bridge the gap between the different communities. This is perhaps the worst drift since the establishment of the State of Israel.

When was the last time all of the Jewish people from all over the globe got together in prayer and in good deeds for one common cause? When is the last time all of our leaders, media channels, Rabbis and politicians were all saying the same message?

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