There’s Always Something You Can Do

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Yahrtzeit Candle
09 Jan 2019

Almost immediately following the conclusion of the shiva period commemorating the tragic passing of my 33-year-old wife, I wrote an article titled, ‘Reflections on Shiva.’ The goal of that article was to share my personal reflections, of providing some rudimentary guidance to those seeking to comfort mourners during shiva. And, while those seven days are no doubt critical to the mourning process, they are but seven days. For our family, the medical and emotional challenges of the days and months prior to my wife’s passing were often equally (and sometimes significantly more) trying. Furthermore, under any circumstances, coping with the loss of a loved one continues well beyond the seven days of shiva.

Over the last few months of my wife’s life – and even more so since her passing – I have encountered many different people eager to help in many different ways. Some people try to help by volunteering to take care of logistical things (car pool, grocery shopping etc.). Others offer to provide tangible goods, like money or clothing. Most commonly, people try to help on an emotional level by extending words of comfort and support.

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