The Surprise Waiting for Me at Home as told by Sivan Rahav Meir

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11 Sep 2017

Sivan Rahav Meir is an unusual Israeli celebrity– in addition to being a highly-respected and immensely popular TV news reporter she is also a religious mother of 5 young children and a Torah teacher with tens of thousands of students (her first book in English, “#Parasha” was just published last week).

Last week Sivan came to speak in my neighborhood about parenting, and I asked her special permission to share this wonderful personal story she shared with us, which went something like this. Sivan told us:

I had just finished teaching my weekly parsha class. It was 10 PM and I had told my babysitter I would be home by 10:15. But as I packed myself up to go, two girls and their mothers approached me. They told me that they were making movies for their bat mitzvah parties, and had travelled over 2 hours from the Negev to film me for their movies.

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