The Social Event of the Spring

12 Mar 2015

JCFlogoTRUCKwebThe OU Jewish Communities Fair is just around the corner, but those interested in learning more about participating communities don’t have to wait until Sunday, April 26 to establish a connection.

Featuring 45 American communities, along with Nefesh B’Nefesh to help with interests of those considering aliyah, each community has utilized social media to educate potential newcomers on what their communities have to offer. Just click on each community page to link to its social media accounts and representatives.

Each month communities will feature a new theme about their community, with pictures to be posted on Instagram.  The winner(s) will be featured on the OU Jewish Communities Fair website the following month. The communities with the “most liked” albums will win a prime location on the day of the Fair.

Time to join the conversation.

Each community comes with its own flavor. Which might work for you?

Check out the 2015 OU Communities Fair website here.

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