Modest Swimwear Makes a Splash

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29 Jul 2015

modest swimwearContinued good news for the modest-dress conscious, tzniut is creating waves. The Wall Street Journal reports that a growing trend in bathing suits for women is the rise of more modest swimwear.

The article, written by Lucette Lagnado (who Jewish readers may remember as the author of “The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit”), is quick to point out that while companies offering modest bathing suit options were created by and for observant Jewish women, the clothing is finding a much broader consumer base.

The article highlights companies run by Orthodox Jewish women such as HydroChic, AquaModesta and Undercover Waterwear. Swimwear styles range from long skirts with a set of capri pants sewn in, a top with sleeves that cover the elbows, water resistant undergarments, matching swim caps and Bermuda-length swim shorts,  all in a range of colors and patterns.

“Women of other faiths who also prefer modesty, along with older and plus-size women who don’t like how they look in a traditional bathing suit, are fans of the new beach wear,” writes Lagnado. “Younger women worried about sun exposure have also become clients.”

Read the full article ‘Modest’ Bathing Suits Make a Splash: Leggings, Sleeves,‘Skorts’ at The Wall Street Journal.

Are we on the verge of a modesty-dress revolution? Recently, The Today Show website featured modest fashion advice for the summer by popular bloggers of various backgrounds.

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