Light That Menorah! Candle Making at Kassel

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24 Dec 2008
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Chanukah commemorates a miracle from ancient times when Jews rededicated a temple and lit candelabra with enough oil to last for one day. The oil miraculously burned for eight days, according to the Chanukah story.

Chanukah is celebrated by lighting a menorah for eight nights. One can light with oil or candles.

And there are so many candles to choose from these days! One of Israel’s largest candle factories – Kassel (in Abu Gosh) – offers several options. The Make-Your-Own Chanukah Candles is a do-it-yourself project, which include beeswax sheets to roll around wicks.

What is special about Kassel candles is that they are made from natural beeswax. Beeswax is a natural wax produced in the bee hive of honey bees. It does not harm the environment. The candle making is also unique in that the candles are all hand-made and have a nice fragrance. For more information on Kassel go to

While I couldn’t sneak in the back to see how they made all these beautiful candles, I did have fun meandering the story out front.

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